Hugo in the Garden is a multi-collaborative project.

We explored how artificial common materials work into an organic atmosphere. Some polyurethane foam creating a kind of creeper or some machine knitted wool growing around a plastic bonsai. All of them grow, like the plants we all know. But particularly these ones, in a different way. Started from the sketches of Eze Matteo. Six N. Five took all of them and made the 3D art direction and sculptures design. Twistedpoly was in charge of the beautiful animations and edit. The final touch was from Cypheraudio, who made the lovely music and the sound design. Enjoy the results!


Direction : Six N. Five + Twistedpoly
Design & Art Direction : Six N. Five
2D sketches : Eze Matteo
Animation & edit : Twistedpoly / Nejc Polovsak
Music & Sound Design : John Black / CypherAudio