Microsoft SharePoint Product Film


Working with Tendril, I was involved in creating intro sequence for Microsoft SharePoint Product Film.


Tendril was invited to create a film for Microsoft’s 2019 SharePoint Conference, showcasing recent and upcoming innovations in SharePoint and deep integration with the app ecosystem of Microsoft 365.

Our design and animation processes overlapped somewhat as we worked to find fluent connections between the many varied aspects of the SharePoint platform. It was important to capture the delightful simplicity of the user experience whilst hinting at the cutting edge technical power under the hood. Read more here.

We were tasked to create a film that demonstrated Sharepoint’s potential as a simple, beautiful, powerful, integrated and intelligent tool for getting work done. Our goal was to produce an exciting, anthemic film that appealed to a customer base ranging from IT administrators and SharePoint users, partners, and business decision makers.


Bellow are final frames from the sequence I was responsible for


Some of the color and shader explorations bellow







Microsoft Creative Director:
Nando Costa

Executive Producer:
Kate Bate

Creative Director: 
Chris Bahry

John Szebegyinszki & Ryan MacLean

Tom Crate

Brittany Sheahan

Design and Animation:
Tom Crate, Vitaly Grossman,
Peter Tarka, Jose Checa, Samuel Bohn,
Marcel Piekarski, Nejc Polovsak

Lighting & Render:
Jeff Briant, Brad Husband, Nejc Polovsak

Brad Husband

Sound Design & Music:
Zelig Sound