Twistedpoly is a collection of Design and Animation work of Nejc Polovsak.

I’m a 3D designer, director and animator. With over 10 years of experience in the field, I’m working with brands, agencies and studios worldwide.



Based in beautiful Ljubljana, Slovenia and working globally, I’m mostly working in a field of bringing high-end stylized abstraction to products and brands, always in search for something fresh. I take on concepts, design frames, animation and can creatively or technically lead small to mid sized projects.

* ”Nejc” pronounces exactly the same as "Nate's" sounds in English.


Some of the selected clients I had a chance to work for in the past include Nike, Microsoft, Nvidia, IBM, Adidas, Motorola, Wacom, Adobe, Hennessy, Oreo, Sonos, Audi, Shopify, Samsung and HBO.

Agencies and studios collaborations include Buck, Tendril, FutureDeluxe, LosYork, Hugo & Marie, Frame, Foam, Six N. Five, Aggressive, Wolf&Crow, Ranger&Fox and AixSponza.

My work has been featured on platforms Motionographer, Behance, Stash, Creators Vice, DesignCollector, The Verge and Vimeo. I was featured in books such as The Freelance Manifesto and Motion Graphics and magazines 3D World and 3D Artist.


For collaborations, bookings, project inquiries or anything else please reach out directly via ✉