Grow tells story about ups and downs of life we all have to face sometimes and encourages to never give up, but learn and grow from experiences to be stronger, better version of yourself than ever before.

It's a short personal film I've been working on in my spare time for the past year or so.


Direction / Design / Animation : Twistedpoly / Nejc Polovšak
Sound Design & Music : CypherAudio / John Black
Script : Will Jarvis
Voice : Graham Tracey




Bellow is the first rough animatic made for the film with screengrabs of final shots and few more frames from R&D phase. 
Most of the project has been done in Cinema 4D with help of great Forester plugin, rendered fully with Octane render engine. There's some little bits of Houdini in there too and After Effects to finally put it all together.